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The Science of Microbiome Analytics: DNA Detectives Tackle the Supply Chain

Phylagen is a San Francisco-based data analytics company that has developed a platform for tracing goods and materials back to the farm, warehouse or factory. The tool draws on microbiomes, unique types of naturally occurring microbes found all over the world. The genetic information encoded in those microbes create the equivalent of a biological fingerprint. […]

SCDigest Supply Chain Guru Predictions for 2012

Dr. David Simchi-Levi Professor MIT Some of the issues that have been in the forefront in 2011 will likely dominate the attention of executives in 2012:  (1) Supply chain risk management: The news in 2011 was dominated with the fallout from two major catastrophic events – the Japanese Tsunami in March and the floods in […]

Logistics is a good barometer of the UK economy