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MIT’s Dr. David Simchi-Levi Unveils New Supply Chain Risk Exposure Index™ on Supply Chain Digest Broadcast

New Methodology for Measuring Full Financial Impact of Potential Supply Chain Disruptions will Help Companies Make Decisions about Risk Mitigation Strategies and Investments

Toyota says supply chain will be ready by autumn for next quake

Toyota Motor Corp will have in place by autumn a more resilient supply chain that would recover within two weeks of another massive earthquake hitting Japan, a top executive said on Friday.

How do you quantify supply chain risk?

The Risk Exposure Index can be overlaid on supply chain network design alternatives – and eventually integrated right into related software tools – to better show the tradeoffs between cost, service and now risk.

SCDigest Supply Chain Guru Predictions for 2012

Dr. David Simchi-Levi Professor MIT Some of the issues that have been in the forefront in 2011 will likely dominate the attention of executives in 2012:  (1) Supply chain risk management: The news in 2011 was dominated with the fallout from two major catastrophic events – the Japanese Tsunami in March and the floods in […]

Coca-Cola’s Water Management Four Best Practices

The Coca-Cola Company uses 300 billion liters of water a year and it is the enabling supply chain resource for its approximately 3,000 different products sold in over 200 countries that generates $35 billion in annual revenues. Therefore, using water efficiently and sustainably is both a business and environmental need and is key to the company’s survival.

Operations Rules for Driving Business Value & Growth: Register for webinar series

Part 1: Mitigating Business Risks from the Known-Unknown to the Unknown-Unknown Proven Ways to Analyze the Different Sources of Supply Chain Risk, Assess the Impact on the Business and Build Various Mitigation Measures Into the Business Strategy In the last few years we have seen an increase in the levels of risk and volatility faced […]