October 2020 Archive

October 27, 2020
How the Virus Slowed the Booming Wind Energy Business (NYT)

Renewable energy developers have struggled to finish projects as the pandemic disrupts construction and global supply chains. EDF Renewables executives were hopeful they would finish installing 99 wind turbines in southern Nebraska before a year-end deadline but pandemic related setbacks have hampered EDF’s efforts to finish the $374 million project by the end of the year.

October 14, 2020
Why It’s Still Hard to Find a Can of Corn (WSJ)

Seven reasons the coronavirus has hobbled the supply chain for a pantry staple:
1) Sweet Corn Supplies Are Finite – corn for canning makes up the smallest portion of U.S. crop.
2) Land Is Limited – a relatively small number of farmers specialize in growing sweet corn.
3) Corn Is Only Harvested Once a Year – fresh corn is canned right after the harvest in late summer, and that yield is the entire supply for the year.
4) There Aren’t Enough Trucks – Trucking companies shrank their fleets last year to improve profitability.
5) Truckers Are Rejecting Contracts – The decrease in trucking capacity drove up prices, prompting some transportation companies to reject existing contracts in favor of last-minute orders at higher prices.
6) Corn Is Irreplaceable – there is no substitute
7) Hoard Mentality – hoarding has created shortages