March 2018 Archive

March 19, 2018
KFC’s Big Screw-Up Left Restaurants Without Chicken (Bloomberg)

When the supply chain goes awry, bottlenecks may develop that not only make a business operate less efficiently but can also wreak havoc on products that are particularly time-sensitive. That’s what happened at KFC, which pared back its logistics network to cut expenses and ended up leaving about two-thirds of its 900 outlets across the U.K. without chicken for several days.

March 13, 2018
Why Blockchain Will Survive, Even If Bitcoin Doesn’t (WSJ)

What is blockchain? It’s essentially a secure database, or ledger, spread across multiple computers. Everybody has the same record of all transactions, so tampering with one instance of it is pointless. Already, 1.1 million items sold or on sale at Walmart are on a blockchain—including chicken and almond milk—helping the company trace their journey from manufacturer to store shelf. Global shipping giant Maersk uses the same technology from IBM to track shipping containers, making it faster and easier to transfer them and get them through customs.

March 1, 2018
Kellogg’s move from DSD to a Warehouse model

In Kellogg’s old distribution model (the DSD model), Kellogg would deliver snacks to its own warehouses, and from there distributors would deliver the snacks to retail stores. In the new warehouse model, Kellogg will deliver snacks directly to retailer warehouses, which will then deliver to stores or directly to consumers. The warehouse model allows Kellogg to more accurately gauge consumer demand and stock inventory accordingly.

March 1, 2018
Levi’s Wants Lasers, Not People, to Rip Your Jeans (WSJ)

The new technology will cut the production and distribution cycle in half, enabling the Levi’s to better match supply with demand. The goal: reducing end-of-season markdowns.