Twitter-like consumer app for the internet of things

“Developing applications for the ‘Internet of Things’ is far too complicated. In most cases, it requires very specialized (i.e. expensive) skills sets, in both hardware and software, to get even the most rudimentary prototypes up and running” Bugs Lab who released two apps to solve this problem.
Dweet is open-source software that allows any connected device to “tweet” its relevant information: location, sensor readings, photographs, etc. With just a simple tap in a web browser, you can connect your smartphone to the Internet of Things and access the information it’s publishing. (An additional tap takes it offline.) Freeboard draws from that data, or data from any other web-based source, and allows developers to put it to use in interactive user interfaces. If Dweet is Twitter, Freeboard is WordPress for the Internet of Things: In 10 minutes you’ve got your own interface up and running, importing device information from Dweet.

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